Monday, April 13, 2009

mafia,grandma, and child abandonment

Well, no new posts lately because I have been busy playing mafia wars with life and such.....I must admit that after the last post I began to harbor a borderline (ok who am I kidding- real) obsession with that game....I honestly woke up in the middle of the night one night and thought well, I could get up and make sure no one has attacked me, or tried to rob me......and I will admit that I did have a fleeting thought maybe women weren't made to be mobsters when I got my feelings hurt the first time I was attacked by a random person......Now, I am waaaaay over that....I have been killed a few times (although I must say justly so because after robbing one guy of over a million dollars what can ya expect...) now, when somone puts a hit on me I just put on my big girl panties and throw one right back at em with a big 'ole bounty to make sure they get whacked fast.....Moving on.....

As a hinderence to my gaming, my grandmother fell last Wed. about 3:00am, managed to crawl/drag herself to the phone and call my mom who then.....went to her house, couldn't get her up, called an ambulance, sat at the ER for hours, followed the ambulance on her transfer to the MED in Memphis (broken scapula and 3 broken ribs - transferred because of her age and risk of pneumonia...), and now we have both been trying to make sure someone is at the visitations, since my mom is an only child, as am I -( for any observant ones my brothers are half-brothers)
this has meant basically her driving over there everyday and sitting and waiting to see her for a hour every four hours.....I have also been everyday except this weekend....They are now trying to possibly send her to a rehab facility for a few weeks although at this point she is so confused and disoriented from the pain meds we have to get that straightened out before a rehab will take her - so this is taking up a large portion of my days...While sitting in the waiting room I asked mom if she thought they would mind if I played a little mafia wars on the visitor's computer, but she didn't think it was a good idea (spoil sport)....

I also had approximately 3 million things it felt like I needed to be doing today (call and beg swim camp to take my children even though I missed the posted deadline of having my registration sent in by Friday, call and harass Entergy because I have not received anything on the microwave,tv, Wii, PS2, ceiling fans, and wireless router that were damaged from a outage/power surge incident back in March, and oh yeah did I mention do my taxes?!?)

So in keeping with the madness I receive a phone call about 3:35 this afternoon from my friend Milena, who teaches at son's elementary school that went something like this:

M: Are you coming to pick up your kid?
me: Uh, No, he hasn't been picked up? (since I am currently an hour away at hospital in Memphis)
M: Nope, he is standing here with me
me: Oh, crap I thought my MIL was picking him up
M: well, it's ok I will take him with me
me: I guess that probably means my other kid has not been picked up either.....Mind going to the jr.high too?
M: No, I'll get her

How great was that? She saved my life, I owe her one......:) I'll buy Hunter all the Coke Zeros he wants from now on, girl.......

Of course when I tried to call drama queen to tell her Mrs. Milena would be picking her up she will not answer her cell phone....I call the jr. high and tell the secretary who will be picking her up and she is on her way and the secretary says "well, ok but I don't see her standing around?" so then I start to freak a little and think who in the hell but me could loose a 13yr. old?.....about 5 minutes later she calls to say "Mom, is there a reason no one has picked me up?" Apparently she had borrowed a cell phone from a teacher to call me since she isn't allowed to have one at school she wouldn't answer or use the one in her pocket (that she gets to carry for "emergencies") go figure what might constitute an emergency since apparently getting abandoned at school doesn't count.......

Guess I better go for now and play more mafia wars do my taxes....more soon.....