Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Standing on the soapbox

First of all must say we survived hell week, Drama Queen made cheerleader again (in spite of the spray painted shoes - which yes, she wore) prior to this however, on Wednesday of last week I get the note that really gets me going about the whole BMI thing (for anyone reading this not in Arkansas this is a state law here from when our previous governor lost a bunch of weight, got healthy and decided he would "save" all the state's children from the horror's of childhood obesity....)

This royally ticks me off.....I have never liked it, but with Drama Queen it hasn't been a real big deal because she is skinny (although funny thing is she has been "borderline" on a few reports before.....But, now enter my sweetheart...My 8yr. old son who is very self conscious about his "baby fat" no matter how many pictures I have shown him of Drama Queen at his age (with her cute little chubby cheeks) it is very hard for him to believe that a growth spurt is coming, and he will slim up as he grows taller....I would have never thought I would have an 8 yr. old son who stresses about "being fat". He is constantly pinching his belly and saying I am so fat, mom can I go on a diet?" (of course this is frequently followed up by a Little Debbie - which I am guilty of having in the snack drawer - so he isn't too serious about it....)So when I get the note that 2nd grade BMI's will be done Friday (last week) I promptly call the school to find out if a note will suffice to get him out of this or should I just keep him home from school? I was advised just send a note. One thing that irritates me about this is that the letter talks about how this is a new mandatory state law and never once mentions you could send a note if you didn't agree with this....So most parents either a.) don't care or b.) didn't realize you could do this.....

Do I really need a school nurse to weigh my kid and then get an official report in the mail telling me his BMI - Do I want one? H*ll to the no....Get for real people....first of all funny to me how this is such a priority but a few years ago they took away their second recess to add more classroom time (now, how 'bout ya'll but I remember running around the playground and playing when I was a kid - which I am quite sure burned a few calories.....) They only get like 15-20 minutes a recess per day now I believe, and PE what - once a week? Secondly, do you think any undereducated or poverty level parents really comprehend this or this is a priority? Just a fine example of stupid government bureaucrat BS in my personal opinion......and what about body image? Even though this is supposed to be "completely confidential" and even if no other kid sees what another one weighs, does someone who already thinks they are fat need to see a big number on the scale to make them feel any more miserable? Bet this would end real quick if all the administration and teachers had to do it too...... (Not to dis any of my teacher friends, but I bet some would be ticked - I would be if I had to do it - and I am skinny - it just ain't nobody's business what ya weigh - that is just down right rude to ask.......)

My last thought on that being weight is not necessarily an indicator of "fitness" as I said I am blessed to be tall and am slender, however, I am no more fit than someone larger than me....Drama Queen drug me to the gym two weeks ago and I truly felt like I was gonna puke after 25 minutes on the elliptical in fact came home and laid out on the couch red faced, panting like a dog, sweaty and such. I tried the Wii fit stuff Kaye does and it even kicked my butt...On that note, stay tuned for a hilarious story when I work my nerve up to tell ya'll about my physical fitness test for the Memphis Police Academy years ago ( I had actually forgotten repressed, blocked out the memory until husband brought it up one day (CB you should remember this...) let's just say there is a reason I ain't a cop people.....

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Kaye Butler said...

OMG I so didn't know you went out for the Memphis Police!! Was it before Len quit WPD?

Glad she made cheereleader.

I hate the BMI testing too. It always says that MM is overweight. Hello... It always says Taylor obese. I think the new governor should overturn that stupid law.