Thursday, January 8, 2009

dance fever.....NOT

Yes, I did survive the dance..although can you call it a dance if the majority of the night they just stand around? I mean come on it was a DANCE, hence you assume people will do that, especially after you go to the trouble and pay a DJ and all......Which again not to knock someone when I am certainly not saying I could do better, but as a paid DJ could you not try and play some songs that might get them to dance...or I guess you could wait til about 12:05 (when the dance ends at 12:15) and start playing some songs that they all want to dance to...Of course with all those wild teenage hormones (god help all of us who are parents of teens) they all seemed to want to dance to slow songs - and yes, we had people patrolling to make sure no touchy feeling things were going on ...(Can't you see Alex's face turning red as I type this - God, ruining a teenager's life is fun- just kidding Alex - mommy loves you)

Evidence of the NON-dancing is shown below:
See, the picture isn't even blurry...Why? Because there is no movement.....I would have even danced but was under strict orders from the teenage drama queen not to ruin her party and embarrass her so I tried to stay under control even though I wanted to really bad...

All in all I think they had a good time.....NOT DANCING.....