Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Do ya have your socks on?

While I was reading about DysdHousewifes morning the other day:check it out...(http://dysdhousewife.blogspot.com/2009/01/you-have-to-be-kidding-me.html) It reminded me of one of our "good" mornings a couple of weeks ago...We were on time and out the door with no complications...(Definitely not our norm...)we get about 3 blocks down the street when the 8 yr. old sweetheart (who is rarely mentioned because he is the fairly calm kid in the bunch who has outgrown flushing stuff down the toilet and has not yet been struck by those awful teenage hormones...) announces:

8 yr. old: "I forgot to put my socks on"
Me: WHAT? How in the hell do you forget to put socks on but, you have shoes on?
(yeah, I know I have a potty mouth -I'll save what the two year old said at daycare for another day...) Well, we will have to turn around and go back and get you some freaking socks...
Drama Queen: NOOOOO, then I will be late....and you should just make him go without...you are so stupid....That's not fair mom now he is making me late, and I'll be tardy - can't you just sign him in late and go ahead and take me....
8 yr. old: She called me stupid
Me: He is not stupid, but he did do a stupid thing.... (and really can drama queen go there? This is the child who honest to god asked me what time the 7:00 movie starts? and she is an honor roll student) and no I am not taking you then coming back home and taking him because then I will have to go home, put on real clothes, comb my hair and such then walk him in the office...(God help me if I ever have a wreck dropping the kids off it will probably be 27 degrees again and I won't have a bra on...)
Drama Queen: Why can't he just go without?
Me: Because it is 27 degrees outside (according to the little temp thingy in the car) and the school will call human services on me if I send a kid to school in this weather with no socks...

I really thought I was doing my job making sure their teeth were brushed, deodorant was applied, and hair was combed (although I have actually missed that one before in our hurry) but now we have to have sock check in the morning too? jeez.......


Kaye Butler said...

Drama Queen and YARM13YOL on the same wave length.

My point.

"Hey, this gum has zero sugars! Thats almost as good as sugar free!"

she thinks a minute.

"Oh, sorry."

Dysd Housewife said...

OH jeeze. GirlyDiva and DramaQueen MUST have been seperated at birth!! These two must NEVER meet.